Natasha Havrilenko graduated from The University of Winnipeg’s Public Relations, Marketing, and Strategic Communications program in the summer of 2016.  Prior to returning to student life, she worked as a life book biographer where she created biographies for disabled individuals.  This position transformed Natasha from being a communications addict to a communications advocate, instilling the belief that everyone deserves to have their story heard.

Natasha is the co-founder and editor of rip/torn magazine, a submission-based art and literary publication that seeks to honour the explicit, raw beauty of human imperfection. Further, she acts as a board member, chair of fundraising, and volunteer coordinator for send + receive, an international festival of sound.  This festival is what grew Natasha’s appreciation of sound, creating fuel for an unmuted breed, a blog about sound art and all that is in its periphery.

Natasha’s passion for the arts doesn’t end there, as she serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications on a volunteer basis for  Rainbow Trout Music Festival.

While Natasha is a fan of writing, she is not a fan of writing about herself.  If you would like to know more, please email: nfhavrilenko@gmail.com or contact via LinkedIn.

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