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18 Years of Sound

“Don’t let blog fail after graduation.”

“Bookmark this to blog about later.”

“Must blog about ____ while it is still relevant.”

& so on.  Evidently I haven’t put as much time into an umuted breed as I had planned post-grad.  If any of my readers are with me, hello; if I am acquiring new readers, welcome, and enjoy a blog post less tinted with the prior obligatory public relations and marketing angles.

I am utilizing the unusual silence of my Tuesday evening to post an annual preview of send + receive, an international festival of sound art based in Winnipeg, MB.  As some of you know, I’ve been a board member of the festival for 5 years, some of those years include being the volunteer coordinator and chair of fundraising.  It is safe to say this festival is dear to my heart, as it is to many others.  send + receive is mainly volunteer-based, demonstrating that my sentiment is echoed by many.  You will know why if you have attended send + receive.  If you have yet to go, let me walk you through this year’s festivities and open your eyes a little wider to this celebration of sound-based work.

Running from Oct 13-16 (with exhibits launching earlier), send + receive v. 18 employs the theme of space & sound.

In the words of crys cole, Director of send + receive,

“Sound waves travel through the air and interact with any and all materials in their path, meaning the way in which we receive and interpret sound is greatly impacted by the space in which we inhabit. Physical space, then, not only affords us the calm or the distractions that influence our ability to focus on sound, but also impacts the way that sound moves to, and around, us.”

Thursday, October 13th // Opening Night

Kevin Drumm; Photo by Self-Titled Mag

Kevin Drumm; Photo by Self-Titled Mag


Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony St.

$15 | Doors: 7:30pm | Performances: 8:00pm

Our opening night brings into focus the distinct ways that we listen and make sound in a specific space. Performances range from roaming acoustic sound, to illusory spinning waves and dense penetrating frequencies.  More info here.


Friday, October 14th // Daytime

Olivia Block; Photo by Fluid Radio

Olivia Block; Photo by Fluid Radio


ARTIST TALK  BY OLIVIA BLOCK (US) | Aural Superimpositions

MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art), 611 Main St.

Free | 5:30pm

With few exceptions, the perception of sound is, by nature, inseparable from the space it occupies. Sound waves reflect off of the surfaces within built structures-wood, metal, plaster, glass and more. Building materials and spatial dimensions interact with sound waves, shaping the auditory experience in key ways.

Recording technologies are able to capture the auditory qualities of a given space at a particular moment in time. When recordings are played back through speakers in a gallery or performance space, one location’s aural framework (or soundscape) is layered onto the aural framework of a new location through amplification. These aural superimpositions can create strange cognitive dissonance and rich layers of meaning.

Chicago-based artist Olivia Block will address these ideas in relation to her own work. Block creates original sound compositions for concerts, site-specific multi-speaker installations, live cinema and live performance utilizing field recordings, chamber instruments and electronic textures. In addition to her recorded and solo performance pieces, she creates scores for large ensemble, string quartet and orchestra. Block has performed, premiered and exhibited her work throughout Europe, America and Japan.


Friday, October 14th // Evening

Mural; Photo courtesy of

Mural; Photo courtesy of


Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton St.

$15 | Doors: 7:30pm | Performances: 8:00pm

More information here.


Saturday, October 15th  // Daytime

Eleanor King; photo courtesy of Canadian Art

Eleanor King; photo courtesy of Canadian Art


U of W Centennial Hall, 515 Portage Ave. (Ellice Entrance), Room 1C16A

Free | 2:00pm

Eleanor King is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City and Halifax Nova Scotia. Her exhibition record includes Museum of Contemporary Art and Nuit Blanche in Toronto, The Peekskill Project and Spring/Break Art Show in New York, and solo exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and Diaz Contemporary. She attended residencies at The MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, SOMA, and The Banff Centre. She is the 2016 Canadian Artist-in-Residence at Glenfiddich, Scotland and has a fellowship at A.I.R Gallery in Brooklyn for 2016-2017. Her work was shortlisted for the Sobey Art Award in 2012 and was the subject of a cover feature in Canadian Art magazine in 2014. Eleanor is a Fulbright fellow, and she has received grants from the Canada Council and Arts Nova Scotia. She received a BFA from NSCAD University, MFA from Purchase College, and is represented by Diaz Contemporary in Toronto.

Eleanor King‘s work is on exhibit as part of the Sounding Space exhibition at Gallery 1C03, with Adam Basanta, which is curated by send + receive.

Presented in partnership with Gallery 1C03.


Saturday, October 15th // Evening


Reimer and Stein; Photo courtesy of

Reimer and Stein; Photo courtesy of



Alvin Lucier; photo courtesy of Blog Daily Herald

Alvin Lucier; photo courtesy of Blog Daily Herald

$15 | This evening’s program will take place in two parts at two separate venues.

Part 1: Union Station, 123 Main St.  

Doors: 7:30pm | Performance begins promptly at 8:00pm

For the first part of our program, join us at the beautiful Union Station on Main Street for a very special site-specific performance.

Part 2: Rachel Browne Theatre, 211 Bannatyne Ave.

Doors: 9:00pm | Performance: 9:30

For the second part of the program, we will relocate to the Rachel Browne Theatre a short distance away.

More information here.


Sunday, October 16th


Photo courtesy of


Dir: Tyler Hubby | US | 142 min | 2016

Winnipeg Cinematheque, 100 Arthur St.

$8 | 7:00pm sharp

This past April, the great, luminescent Tony Conrad left the material world. The impact of his departure has resonated through sound, music, film and visual art communities worldwide. In 2013, we were honored to have Tony as part of our Transcendence festival (v15), where he left an indelible mark on all of us. A fabulous artist who pushed boundaries and challenged definitions at every turn, matched by his playful and generous, supportive spirit, Tony Conrad’s contribution to the creative realm is immeasurable.

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present is a feature documentary about the pioneering life and works of artist, musician and educator, Tony Conrad, who has remained an enigmatic figure for fifty years. The film traces Tony’s incredible history in the now-legendary downtown New York underground scene of the 1960s through to the present as he is finally being recognized for his decades-sweeping art and film projects.

The film cuts between Tony’s historic challenges to the very foundations of film, music and 500 years of Western thought, deeply personal moments and interviews of well-known contemporary artists and musicians who contextualize Tony’s influence on their work and on art/music movements at large. The combined effect reveals Tony’s playful approach to life and art making as well as his deep sense of justice, which infused flickering light, single note music and our education systems with powerful political radicalism.

As a conclusion to this years’ eighteenth edition, we veer from our thematic programming to present a special preview screening of this brand-new documentary film. Completed just before Tony Conrad’s untimely passing, the film features footage that has been amassed over the past twenty-two years.

Presented in partnership with the Winnipeg Film Group.


More? Sure.  Find send + receive behind the screen, mobile, etc:





I truly hope to see you there.

PS: send + receive’s 2nd annual Halloween fundraiser shortly follows the festival.


Liquid Sky movie still.

This year’s theme is Liquid Sky– come get weird.

Event posting here.

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