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Apologies for an unmuted breed‘s radio silence these past few months.  While I had a chance to sneak in a blog post here (for the PACE Student Life Blog) I’ve been an overall non-committal blogger.  Keep the faith though, as I am beginning a public relations class that facilitates blogging time.

The theme for this week’s blog post is that there is always two sides to every story. This is very relevant in day-to-day life and reminds me of how my mom says there are three sides to every story: those on either side, and the truth.

A topical music debate that strikes a chord in me (pun intended), is the lack of purchasing digital music.  There is no question whether or not to pay for music among those I typically surround myself with.  We do it without thinking twice.  However, the rapid-fire emergence of music sharing technology  has made it all too easy to listen to music for free.

I learned that many younger music fans have never purchased music, and I actually felt bad for them.   They never knew the joys of returning home after a visit to the local music store (Planet of Sound for me) to relish in what their hard-earned allowance bought.

Prior to this blog post, I researched who seemed to be the “best” provider of  streaming digital music– Google Play? Apple Music? Spotify?  The list goes on.  I was lost in a myriad of blog posts and articles from music lovers who purchase, who don’t purchase, and musicians themselves.


Image via consequenceofsound.net

Essentially who you choose to be your streaming provider depends on where you want your monthly fee (typically $13) to go.  Apple Music seems to pump the funds only to the artists you listen to while Spotify splits the money evenly among their registered musicians.  Bandcamp allows you to preview songs before paying and sends your money directly to the musician.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that YouTube is the greatest evil here, for their pay structure needs the most work.  In terms of popularity, streaming providers can’t keep up with this internet video kingpin.

A sobering post on The Wrap states:

Services like YouTube draw the world’s biggest audience of music fans, but only pay out about 4 percent of total revenue to labels and artists, an industry group says. In the U.S., that’s even less than they make from vinyl records.

In final, keep in mind that not paying for music drastically cuts into the production.  No money to produce = poor quality of music.  Society 20+ years from now  may live in one void of properly produced music.   If you are still on the fence, this post (targeting us broke students) is convincing.  Plus, Apple Music is offering their services at half price for students.



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