Why I am in a Committed Relationship with a Thesaurus

The written word is as powerful as ever; it can make or break you immediately.  If used strategically, words are advantageous in creating public perception.  This week in Writing for PR II, we were asked to write a profile for an individual who we feel could use an upgrade.  Many LinkedIn lurks later, I found Kelly Rae Corneilus‘ profile.  I was intrigued by this sound artist’s impressive work history and felt she could benefit from having her profile written, as she is currently without one.  We cannot control all of what is said about ourselves in the media; however, we must perfect what we can control.  Let’s begin with our professional profiles.

Kelly Rae Corneilus is a Brooklyn-based artist working in sound, performance, installation, and image.  Startups have proven to be successful for Corneilus, as she has over six years experience as the founder and creative directer of OVRE Sacred Arts where she fulfills such roles as shamanic reiki master practitioner and workshop facilitator in mindfulness and the shamanic arts.  Corneilus’ self-directed nature is further exemplified during her three years as co-founder and director, facilitator and participant for Buffalo Sound Improv Lab.


Kelly Rae Corneilus. Photo Source: LinkedIn

Often performing under her moniker Moss of Ancients, Corneilus accumulated eight years as the Artist in Residence at Buffalo Arts Studio and ALT Theatre where she focused on sound art, composing, recording, installation, and sound design. Corneilus honed her sound design skillset and proved her photography proficiency during her three years as Director of Photography and Composer for films with Traveling Showcase Productions.

Corneilus obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in photography/digital imaging, film, and performance art, before graduating with therapeutic sound certification from The Center of Light Institute for Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.

Please message Corneilus through LinkedIn for further information.




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