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These are the Cluster (Fest) Days of Our Lives

Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival embarks on its seventh year on March 12th.  The week-long festival will “take you beyond the purely conceptual and bring you performances that are surprising, forward-thinking, and aimed straight at the heart.” Co-directors, Eliot Britton, Luke Nickel, and Heidi Ouellette state that “in a sense, we are returning to our sonic roots, presenting a strong and diverse program of sound and music performances spanning genres from experimental to classical to pop.” (

Cluster begins with the Prairie Drone Competition on March 12th at the West End Cultural Centre.  (Doors at 7 PM, show at 8 PM)

Jamie Oliviero, Manitoba storyteller of over 30 years, will perform a spliced art story in tandem with video and music by The Gritty, Rosa Reaper, jaymez, Eliot Britton (all from Winnipeg), and Japan’s Reiko Yamada and Matthew Schoen from Montreal.

Surface Image takes place on March 17 at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, with doors opening at 7:30 PM and the show beginning at 8 PM.  “New York minimalism at the Winnipeg Art Gallery” is spearheaded by Vicky Chow who swaps the piano concerto for 40 one-bit speakers that only play a single note.

Indieconstruction takes place on March 18th at the West End Cultural Centre, with doors opening at 7 PM and the show beginning at 8 PM.  Opening the evening is Kerey Harper, a 17-year old student of River East Collegiate.  Harper is an electronic music producer who  has no traditional training, yet boasts an evident talent. Vocal composition by Raven Chacon is sung by Ruby Rato Atwood.  Winnipeg’s Mike P. Falk, Jen Thiessen, and Ben Reimer play Daily Alice + Touching, a pop-classical collaboration.

After Bach, a co-presentation with GroundSwell,  debuts on March 19th at the Exchange Community Church, with doors opening at 7 PM and the show beginning at 8 PM.  This performance features new works by Daryl Jamieson, Marielle Groven, and Cassandra Miller. Quatour Bozzini opens the evening and local artists Sasha Amaya and Luke Nickel close with a panel discussion and installations.

Seule Amour/Lone Love is hosted at Albert Street Cocktail Company on March 20th.  Doors are at 2 PM, with the show starting at 2:30 PM.  New works by Marielle Groven and Cassandra Miller, as well as existing works by Mike Essoudry, Jen McLachlan, Steven Gellman, and Pierre-Yves Martel will be performed by Jen Thiessen.


Cluster New Music Festival. Photo By: Pablo Riquelme

Want to experience Cluster but are limited to a strict budget?  Check out the festival’s free events here.  Want to follower closer?  Check out their Facebook and Twitter.

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