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Breaking Hibernation: Winnipeg Events Worth Cheating on Netflix With

Winnipeg: the city we love to hate.

While Winnipeg has its fair share of blunders (public transit, ahem), it is not to be scolded for its lack of events.

Unfortunately student life has me categorizing trips to the grocery store as socializing;  however I am not completely naive to the offerings of Winnipeg’s art scene .   Call it a hermit’s night out, call it a means of living through you, but I think it’s necessary that an unmuted breed doubles as an events calendar.

Moving forward, I will update the events calendar (see the right-hand side bar with the title “Winnipeg Events”) with local events pertaining to sound as an integrated art.

Have an event to share?  Please contact me and I’ll be sure to include it (as well as harass you to drag a cardboard cutout of me to the show…)

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